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Green Dream - Strain Review (Vader)

Name: Green Dream Dispensary: Diego Delivery Cut: Vader Originally Recieved this cut from a private vendor. Lineage:Green Crack x Blue Dream Pheno type: Sativa Family: Haze Origin: America Indoor Maturation: 8-9 weeks Outdoor Maturation: Early Oct. Sex Possibilities: Clone only Female Stature: Tall with long Colas Yield: Moderate Look: Frosty and full of color Odor Level: High Odor…
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Green Dream - Strain Review (Nuggs)

Dispensary: Green Works SD Price: $55 an 1/8 Grade: A+ Lineage: Green Crack x Blue Dream Type: Hybrid, Sativa Dominant Nug Description: Big, dense and sticky nugs. Trichomes cover entire buds. Fresh and well manicured nugs. Odor Description: You can definitely smell…