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Purple Sticky Punch – Strain Review (NuggsOG)


Purple Sticky Punch ( PSP) is a very unique strain I created from a Purple Afghan x Chem Dog Male I’ve been breeding with . Its a very fast plant in all stages of growth . It can veg really fast and finish really early. Ive cut down a test plant at 6 weeks and its been ready to go. It turns completely Purple no matter what the temperature is around week 4 and is a good 60/40 hybrid mix with the 60 being on the Sativa Side.

PSP clones really well and has no problem taking a beating from first time growers. It can take a lot of mistakes and is a well rounded strain. Its clone only for now but will soon have seeds out on. You will surely see this strain in Medical Collectives before anything.

If you have any questions on this strain please feel free to post a question.


Purple Sticky Punch review

Lineage: Purple Afghan x Chem Dog

Pheno type: Sativa

Origin: New hybrid – California (Rare)

Dispensary: Green Works SD

Indoor Maturation:
7 – 8 weeks

Outdoor Maturation: 7 – 8 weeks

Sex Possibilities: male , female , Hermy

Stature: Medium – Tall (Branchy)

Yield: High

Look: Big , dense and Purple

Odor Level: High

Odor Description: Very Strong sweet smell. it gives you a candy smell

Taste: Taste purple and like koolaid. Really Smooth smoke and Hits you instantly.

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