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Sherbinskis Pink Panties – Strain Review

Strain: Sherbinskis Pink Panties

Lineage:  Florida Kush x Burmese Kush

I feel blessed reviewing this strain,  it’s a first time for me. After taking a smell, I knew this was going to be different. Let’s start with the smell inside the jar. At first, I couldn’t pin point it. This wasn’t a flavor profile I had ever smelled before on a cannabis flower in my 24 years of smoking. The first smell that registered was like a bouquet of fresh roses. It was deeper than that I had smelled before. I even read a few reviews online but nothing…

After about 10 minutes in the jar, I nailed it! It’s the baby’s breath from a bouquet of roses. Absolutely identical. Once the buds were broken, the smell changes over to an intoxicating deep citrus aroma. The smoke was very pleasant with floral notes on the inhale and exhale.


Let’s go over the look. Moss green colored flower covered with bluish purple and pink sugar leaves (blue being the heaviest). When broken up, the flowers give off a pink hue (there’s a pic of a packed bowl at the end that shows this). I highly recommend smoking this in a joint to get the full effects and flavor. This isn’t a strain that will hit you right away. It took roughly 10 minutes to realize what I was experiencing.

Sherbinskis Pink Panties leans heavy on the Indica side. It initially hits you in the face/eyes bringing you into deep relaxation. After about 10 minutes, pain relieving effects started kicking in. I kept getting these pleasant warm, tingling sensations all throughout my body, face and arms. This was accompanied by that warm feeling in the pit of your stomach when adrenaline is high or when a foreign substance has been ingested.

Being a heavy Indica, this one has me insanely relaxed. I can see this strain being great for pain and anxiety. It’s not hard to miss why this is such a prized strain. Besides the medicinal benefits, it is meant for the true connoisseur looking for a flavor they have never had or one they want to revisit.

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