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Shady Apples Strain review – Your Highness LA

Strain Review: Shady Apples

Grown by:  Your Highness LA


This is my first time trying and reviewing a strain from Your Highness LA  I’ve seen and heard of a few of there strains on social media but never had the opportunity to try any till now. The full genetics aren’t out on this lady yet but one half of the parenting job goes to Kush Mints this will be my third Kush Mints cross I have had and it is quickly becoming a favorite as it is a powerhouse strain that brings potency and flavor to any cross.

Let’s start with the smell inside the jar. This gal was not easy to pinpoint there were a lot of different flavors at play here. I like to sit with my head deep inside the jar and breathe in through my nose deeply and slowly, and on different days I got different terpene profiles. One would think that due to the name it would have apple terps just oozing out of her,  which as a whole it does but there was more.  Broken down the smells I was getting inside the jar were musky citrusy spicy onion-like flavors. But when all those smells combine and you take a huge whiff and deep breathe in from the jar they converge into a shady crisp-cooked apple flavor. When the buds are broken into or ground, you get a sharp onion body odor funk with hints of gas, citrus, and sour apples. Next up the smoke which I want to point out is extremely thick and heavy when you blow it out. The flavors that came out in the smoke were citrusy and floral in the front end with earthy and minty notes on the backend. Ash burned clean and white all the way through.

Next up her look and structure. The structure is tight and buds are mostly larger sized. Really pretty light green buds throughout this gal that are coated generously with trichomes making her appearance even lighter. Contrasted over the light were darker green and blue sugar leaves.  There were some much lighter violet purples but mainly on the underside and inside of some buds.

Next up the feeling which was my favorite feature and highlight with this one.  This one, I promise will take you into euphoric bliss. The initial reaction was one where I felt every ounce of stress inside my body is released from the gut of my stomach out into the world in the form of cannabis. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with this one.  Next up the creativity and imagination kicked in I felt as though I was going to win a Pulitzer Prize just for my thoughts alone. I can’t stress the feeling of invincibility this one gives you and not in an arrogant way in a way that you have no fear inside of what’s to come you’re way in life.  She fills you with strength deep down in you’re gut making fear nonexistent. The medicinal benefits are through the roof with this one she’s amazing for anxiety, stress, depression, and pain this girl will destroy all of those things with one hit.  When cannabis is this strong it becomes more than just a review it fuels the entire review itself.  Cheers and thank you to Your Highness LA for this one.

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