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Ice Cream Cake – Strain Review (@everythingnice_1)

Strain: Ice Cream Cake

Lineage: Wedding cake x Gelato 33

Breeder:  Seed junky Genetics 

Grower:  Ember Valley

I’ve been waiting to try this one for a while now. It’s all over Instagram and a lot of growers are running it right now. It’s being called the strain of 2019. I think everyone can say Wedding Cake and Gelato 33 are among favorites for many smokers, myself included. Let’s start with the look — beautiful, fat buds with many different shades of light and dark greens, along with deep purple coloration throughout.

She is absolutely caked in trichomes, leaning to her wedding cake parent on look.  First of all , Let’s move to flavor profile — I honestly have not been able to get my head out of the jar since I got it. She’s not only beautiful, but her terpene profile is really amazing. She’s heavy on the almost cold like sugary creamy ice cream cake smell with a sweet vanilla back end; absolutely delicious.

When terpene profiles are this high on a strain, there tends to be a symbiotic relationship between the flavor allowing you to almost taste the profile in you’re mouth while you’re smelling inside the jar.

With this girl, you get the sensation of literally biting into a piece of cold delicious ice cream cake. The smoke on the inhale and exhale is all creamy sugary cake with a slight gassy back end. Flavor tends to stay in the mouth for a long time after smoking. The high was very well-balanced with a blast of euphoria to start lifting mood, along with calming and relaxing effects. This one is extremely potent making her flavor and terpene profile off the charts. Absolutely one of my favorite terpene profiles of 2019, for sure checking all boxes.

There has been a lot of gas coming out of Cali and it only seems to be getting better. Ember Valley nailed this one — thank you.


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