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Garlic Sherb Strain Review

Garlic Sherb (Gmo x Blue Sherbet)

Bred by @inhousegenetics_official
Grown by @theurbancanna
Dispensary @refinery_cc
Reviewed by @everythingnice_1

Next up from my PDX haul Garlic Sherb by @theurbancanna a recreational producer coming out of Oregon. This will be one of many strains I try and review from them. The cross on this and many of the strains I’m seeing and trying over here in Oregon are very different and interesting. Each parent on both sides pack heat by themselves but when combined together they create a potent evenly flavored strain. Also, Both parents are carrying GSC on this one, Added to that a GMO cross and who doesn’t love a GMO cross.

Terps Up inside the bag she’s very pungent with garlic and gas coming from the GMO and creamy floral hints coming from the GSC as your nose is exiting the jar. The onion and garlic come out on the grind as well as the gas which lingers heavily on the break, along with slight floral hints in the background. The smoke was very flavorful and terpy every inhale and exhale brought on a new experience and flavor. Sometimes I was getting very creamy spicy, peppery, notes. Other times I would get soapy floral notes with hints of gas Flavors was even 50/50.

The structure and look were pretty. Things that stood out besides the sticky trichs. She has this two-tone thing going on most buds would be a mix of this beautiful lime green and dark purple. Distinct from her look some buds had the lime green on one side and the dark purple on the other I included pics here and video 2 posts to the right showing this so please Swipe IT. The structure was even but I think she leaned slightly to the blue sherbet parent.

The High she packs a nice body buzz and a strong imagination, followed by face warming and numbing sensations. After a time she slowly moves you further into sedation with a nice meal and bed. Another one that I really enjoyed guys a very potent long-lasting hybrid that can lean slightly to the indica leaning GMO side.  @theurbancanna @refinery_cc

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