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Angel Tear Kush – Strain Reviews (Vader)







Name: Angel Tear Kush

Dispensary: Green Works

Cut: This is a Pheno used in Ocean Grown Genetics Stock

Lineage:  Shiva Skunk, Bubba Kush, C99

Pheno type: Indica

Family: Kush and Skunk

Origin: America, Middle East

Indoor Maturation: 8-9 weeks

Outdoor Maturation: Early Oct.

Sex Possibilities: Clone only Female

Stature: This is a stretchy strain and should be topped early on in Veg.

Yield: Moderate

Look: Frosty and Frosty, A beautiful bright green color to flowers

Odor Level: High

Odor Description: A  Sweet cantaloupe Scent

Taste: Light Melon with a Hashy exhale

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