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619 Platinum Bubba Kush- Strain Review (That Dog)

Name: 619 Platinum Bubba Kush

Dispensary: Green Works SD (619 mothers)

Grade: A/A+

Type: Mostly Indica

Lineage: Bubba Kush crossed with Platinum Kush.

Price: $20/gram, $55/8th, $100/ quarter, $190 half ounce /$350 ounce

Looks: Chunky, dumpling sized, big nugs. Light green and purple buds with bright orange hairs and heavy trichome coverage. Leafy and light. Brittle nugs that were dank and sticky when pulled apart.

Smell: Musty, woodsy and minty with hints of sweet spice. Recognizable Kush scent.

Taste: A musty, minty flavor similar to the smell. Smooth, tasty vapor with moderate lung expansion.

Buzz: Relaxed happy buzz. Clear headed, euphoric and moderately sedating. Put me in a great mood and gave me the munchies. Numbing sensations were noticeable around my neck and face. Good for the late evening and bedtime.

Summary: An excellent batch of Bubba that had me craving its taste. Beautiful buds with a really pleasant buzz.


This cut is given to Gworks members to grow their own for prop 215 and SB420!


-That Dog

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