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Green Works SD – Collective Review

Collective Information:

Green Works SD
3990 Hicock St.
San Diego , CA , 92110
(619) 286-NUGG (6844)

Collective Review:

When it comes to running and maintaining a clean, efficient, and friendly collective, one needs to look no further than Green Works. Although they have been open for over a year and they are only a few hundred feet away from my front door, I have just recently discovered this Crown Jewel.

BUD QUALITY: 5 out of 5 Leaves! !! My three favorite strands are VSOG,619 Jabba, and Mars Og (not sure if it was Mars Candy OG or just Mars Og) in that order. The VSOG takes its name from VSOP (the brandy) which stands for Very Special/Superior Old Pale. All you have to do is switch OG with OP and there you have it, the perfect title for this strain, superior to most and a very special type of smoke to say the least. The smoke was smooth but went down strong, and very intense. If the intensity lasted a little longer I can definitely see this strain becoming one of my all-time fav’s. Now on to the 619 Jabba, which is definitely in the contention for my number 1 strain from Green Works, the only thing keeping me from crowning this my favorite is that I have only experienced it a couple of times. This a heavy hitter all around, Smoking this is like trying to hang on to a raging bull, I could only keep this in my lungs for a few seconds before coughing uncontrollably. The high was very cerebral. I had to stop myself from overloading my brain with stoner thoughts and ideas. Great smoke! looking forward to picking up some more Jabba! The last strain is the Mars OG. This was the first strain I picked up from these guys and I must say when it comes to first impressions, these guys made a great one. Rob suggested this one to me, the smoke isn’t too smooth or too rough, it gives you enough leeway to hold it in if your looking for that head rush but is still powerful enough to give you a run for your money if you trying to hold it in for as long as possible. The high was great tasted sweet, that’s why I’m not sure if it was just called Mars OG or Mars Candy OG, that’s how delicious this strain was!

ATMOSPHERE: 5 out of 5 Leaves! The atmosphere in here is what really sets this Collective apart. The outside of this place is a house. That’s why I have only recently started coming here. I wasn’t sure if my friends were serious when they told me this was a collective or if they wanted to see me arrested for trespassing haha. But seriously, when I walk into the dispensary I’m instantly at ease, I love the polished wooden feel of the place. It’s almost like being in a ski resort, It has that warm fuzzy lounge feeling, and it’s damn near immaculate! no dust, no nasty floors the design of this place gives it a very personal feeling and at the same time, you can tell these folks are good at up keeping and maintaining the facility, even the grass out front is cut and whoever furnished the place deserves a special reward blunt!

STAFF: 5 out of 5 leaves! The staff is what really sets this collective apart. I have NEVER touched a doorknob in this place! In times like these were manners are almost non-existent it shocked me at first to have the door opened for me, not just one visit, EVERY TIME! Some people may look at this part over, but this is what will be keeping me coming back time and time again. I’m sorry I don’t know any of the names of the wonderful ladies who work the counter but I thank all of you for opening the door, greeting me warmly, and actually conversing with me, unlike most places were they just process you and send you in to get your weed. All of the girls are smart friendly and knowledgeable, and I thank them for putting up with me and listening to my weed induced rants when I come in. When it comes to Bud Tenders, Rob, Matt, Dre, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! These guys are like 5th Degree Black Belt in their Knowledge of Weed. I have never picked a strain out when I come in. I tell them what kind of high I’m looking for and these guys get it down EVERY TIME! Rob helped me out the first time I came in and I love how he broke down everything in the shop and explained it clearly and articulately. Matt is my usual BT and is chill, down to earth, and very straight forward, qualities most people are lacking in. And Nuggs, the big boss man! Nuggs is real, friendly, and looks after his dispensary and his flock. One of the times I went in and there were some shady people that came in after me Nuggs greeted them with just the same hospitality as he would greet me, but the very fact that he had come from out of his office to greet these shady newcomers let me know that he is always alert and making sure his dispensary is 100% secure AT ALL TIMES!

ACCESSIBILITY: When you’re on University AVE you can’t expect good parking consistently, but GW is located on one of the less busy sections of it so it isn’t usually a pain in the ass, although for me it’s not because I usually just walk there.

PRICE: 4 out of 5 The Price is great! $12 G’s all the way up the $20’g Shelf! nice deals like 2gs for 30 and 4 g8ths are great. Their senior member’s card is invaluable and it’s totally INGENIOUS. Money-back on every purchase is a plus. and the return policy also is great, although I’m pretty sure I’m never going to have to return anything. The only downside in my opinion is that they don’t weigh heavily as other places will! although .2 extra of any weed from here is worth more than the extra .5 or .7 that other places like to give out.

OVERALL: I’d give this dispensary a 4 out of 5 leaves! As soon as the delivery service is available this dispensary will HAVE IT ALL! Im blessed to have a dispensary this close to home and this good! Damn near perfect! THANK YOU to all the GW STAFF! The service and friendship I have gained from GW are priceless!

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