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Blackberry Kush – Green Works SD

Name: Blackberry Kush

Dispensary: Green Works SD

Grade: A

Type: Mostly Indica

Lineage: DJ Short Blueberry crossed with Afghani

Price: $18/gram, $55/8th, $100/ quarter, $190 half ounce /$295 ounce (special)

Looks: Purple and frosty. This batch was grown cold to bring out the purple and it worked. The color is deep purple with orange hairs. Completely coated in trichomes. Looks impressive.

Smell: Sweet and a little earthy. Smells like an earthier Blueberry.

Taste: Close to the smell out of a vaporizer. Noticeably sweet. The vapor was smooth and rich. The taste lingered nicely.

Buzz: A relaxing body buzz with a clear head high. Very calming and peaceful. Nice smoke for late in the evening. Good for sleep in high doses.

Summary: I’ve had many batches of Blackberry Kush and this one is right up there with the best of them. I love how purple the nugs are. The taste was great and the effects were right on.

-That Dog

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