Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Q: Can I become an Author for Strain Reviews?
Yes you can! Click the Submit A Review link and you can begin writing your draft. Once you have finished your review simply click send and We will get your submission. Please try to use 3 images for your review.

Q: How do I add my review?
A: You must be a registered member to get credit (Its FREE to register by the way) .We will review it and make sure everything is in order and publish it for you. We ask that you do your homework on your strains so that its as accurate as possible.

Q: Can i promote on my own with a banner on my site?
A: Sure you can!
We have a banner made just for that and plan to have more so that our members can help us grow.

Heres a link to the banner you may use:

<a href=””><img alt=”Strain Reviews” border=0 src=””></a>


Q. Do you ship or sell anything you review?
No we do NOT!

Q: What if i have question for you can you help me?
A: Sure! email me at Nuggs[@] and ask away.