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Super Sour D - Strain Review

Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid… 75% Sativa 25% Indica Lineage: Sour Diesel x SSH Price: $60 an 1/8 Grade: A++ Nug Description: Trichome heavy, dense dark green nugs. This batch had some nice big nugs and a lot of medium sized nugs. The hairs on these nugs were really light.. almost had a pink tone to it. Odor Description: Super Sour Diesel smells very similar to Sour Diesel. If anything, it is…
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San Diego Weed Review #20: Louis XIII OG

This is a very good OG strain that is smooth in the bong with a great sweet taste. There is a similar strain called the Obama OG that is going around down in San Diego as well. Louis XIII OG – A nice hybrid that won’t knock you out unless you smoke too much. I…
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619 Han Solo OG - Strain Review (Canna Chris)

Here is a great top notch strain. The Han Solo OG can be packed fat and has a nice delayed choke. This stuff burns excellent in my bong and the smoke it produces is outstanding. I would love to have this strain in my personal jar at all times. It smells sweet but hits hard.
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Illmatic - Strain Review (Wisdom Organics)

Dispensary: Wisdom Organics Price: $55 an 1/8 Grade: A Lineage: Unknown Type: Indica Nug Description: Very tight and dense. Big frosty trichome heavy nugs with small, bright orange hairs. Odor Description: These nugs have a hazy grape scent with an earthy kick to it. Taste…
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Great White Shark - Strain Review (Nuggs)

Dispensary: Green Works SD Price: $45 an 1/8 Grade: B Lineage: Super Skunk x Brazilian x South Indian Type: Hybrid, Sativa Dominant Nug Description: The nugs in this batch has a decent amount of crystals on them. They are a bit leafy and have bright orange hairs. Odor…
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Green Dream - Strain Review (Nuggs)

Dispensary: Green Works SD Price: $55 an 1/8 Grade: A+ Lineage: Green Crack x Blue Dream Type: Hybrid, Sativa Dominant Nug Description: Big, dense and sticky nugs. Trichomes cover entire buds. Fresh and well manicured nugs. Odor Description: You can definitely smell…
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Lavender - Strain Review (Nuggs)

Dispensary: Green Works SD Price: $55 an 1/8 Grade: A- Lineage: Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Afghani-Hawaiian Type: Indica Nug Description: Nugs are sticky and dense. Deep green color splashed with a hint of purple. Covered in trichs and small orange hairs. Odor…
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619 Green Crack - Strain review (Nuggs)

Dispensary: Green Works SD Price: $60 an 1/8 Grade: A Lineage: Skunk #1 x unkown Indica Type: Hybrid. Sativa dominant. Stature: A buddy of mine is cultivating GC at the moment and by the looks of his grow, Green Crack is a very wild strain. The sativa definitely shows in its…
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Maui Wowie - Strain Review (nuggs)

Lineage: Hawaiian Pheno type: F1 Hybrid Family: Unknown or mixed family Indoor Maturation: 8-10 weeks Outdoor Maturation: This strain’s harvest month is usually from September-October. Stature: Maui Wowie grows tall since it is a sativa. Yield: (Dried grams per square…
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619 Ghost OG - Strain Review (NuggsOG)

Lineage: Ghost OG is an OG Phono; cut only Pheno type: This strain is definitely Indica Dominant. It is short, stalky and produces THICK nugs Family: OG Family Origin: Oregon Indoor Maturation: Cut will flower in about 8.5 weeks... 60 days Sex Possibilities…
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White Widow - Strain Review (White Widow Man)

White Widow OK, I have White Widow here, with my review. Let me start by saying that White Widow was the First Strain I ever tried. With that being said, WW takes time to learn how she likes it. I found her too be extremely sensitive to any Nutrient I feed her. Then I came…
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Purple Sticky Punch - Strain Review (NuggsOG)

Purple Sticky Punch ( PSP) is a very unique strain I created from a Purple Afghan x Chem Dog Male I’ve been breeding with . Its a very fast plant in all stages of growth . It can veg really fast and finish really early. Ive cut down a test plant at 6 weeks and its been…